The Council

The Cerro Negro Forest Council is nonprofit corporation that includes a representative from five local organizations. Council members include:

President Dennis Olonia representing the San Cristobal Ditch Association

Secretary/Treasurer J.R. Logan representing the San Cristobal Neighborhood Association

Member David Arguello (alt. Joaquin Arguello) representing the Arroyo Hondo Arriba Community Land Grant

Member Lloyd Garcia representing the Acequia de San Antonio

Member Virginia Clark representing the Gallina Canyon Road Association

In addition to the council members, the council has also appointed a mayordomo and asistante to oversee work on the ground:

Mayordomo Art Montoya

• Asistante Diego Vigil

The council is modeled on the acequia governance structure, which has, for centuries, allocated water to residents in rural New Mexico fairly and under local control to the benefit of all users. Similarly, the forest council provides similar opportunities and access to wood products on forested lands