Download the leñero handbook here

Locals who already gather firewood on the National Forest now have the option of becoming a leñero under the management of the Cerro Negro Forest Council.

As part of the Forest Mayordomo CFRP project , leñeros are allotted a small “block” (about one acre) within the project area. The council’s mayordomo will mark all “leave” trees with paint. All unpainted trees must be limbed and any wood larger than slash must be hauled away according to the project’s prescription. Leñeros can keep all of the “take-away” wood material for sale or personal use. Leñeros will also be reimbursed $300 per completed acre to cover fuel costs and wear and tear on equipment.

To become a leñero, you must be recommended by a member of the forest council. It’s important to note that there will be a limited number of openings for leñeros as the project ramps up. The council is hopeful that this first Forest Mayordomo project will open the door to many more opportunities for leñeros. However, as the project gets going, spots will be limited, and the council intends to start slowly to make sure work is done well and can continue beyond this first project.

All leñeros:

  • Must supply their own chainsaw and truck

  • Must sign a waiver of liability

  • Must provide a photocopy of a drivers license (or valid photo ID) and complete a W9 form

If you’re interested in becoming a leñero, send an email to cerronegroforestcouncil@gmail.com to get added to this list.